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  • For which roof surfaces can the Aqua Jet 22 be used.
    It is designed for concrete roof tiles, clay tiles, cement fiber surfaces as well as metal roofs.
  • How is the working principle?
    The jet of water hits the surface from 2 rotating high-pressure jets
  • Which high-pressure system do I need for this cleaning principle?
    For best results, we recommend 500 bar technology (hot water) with 30 l flow rate per minute. Optimally, 400 bar should be applied to the cleaning trolley. Then the Aqua Jet starts to float and handling is much easier. On the other hand, the degree of cleaning is much higher than when working with an undersized high-pressure system.
  • Where can I get an Aqua Jet 22?
    It can only be bought directly from us
  • How must I proceed?
    Sign in with your full company name and address. Then we will make you an individual offer
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